UPF Barcelona School of Management

Through in-company training, the UPF Barcelona School of Management designs tailor-made professional solutions to respond to the needs of companies and the market. Devised by a team of expert consultants at UPF, our solutions are closely linked to company strategy and are adapted to the needs and goals of each organization. 

School of International Trade (ESCI)

The outstanding track record and expertise of ESCI-UPF (UPF-affiliated centre) in the field of international trade, supported by more than 20 years training people, gives us the knowledge, the structure and the confidence to offer companies the opportunity to carry out executive in-company programmes.

Our goal is to make all of our human resources and knowledge available to companies to provide courses to promote the international expansion and growth of your business. In addition, through subsidies, we can manage all or part of the cost of the training programmes contracted.