The Faculty offers outstanding training and excellence at all university levels: undergraduate, master’s and doctorate. It currently offers three bachelor’s degree programmes, in Human Biology, Medicine, and Biomedical Engineering (together with the UPF Department of Information and Communication Technologies). It also offers five master’s degrees, in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry, Clinical Analysis Laboratory, Public Health, Biomedical Research and Bioinformatics for Health Sciences, the latter two in English, and a PhD programme in Biomedicine, likewise taught in English, that is highly international in terms of both students and teaching staff.

Teaching innovation and educational project

Since it was founded, the Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences has implemented a collective and innovative educational project characterized by, among other things, the promotion of active learning, the importance of learning practical skills, the use of new technologies and student involvement in order to improve teaching quality. All the Faculty’s teaching activity is directed and coordinated by the Unit of Education in Health Sciences (UECS).