The fourth edition of RECSM Winter Methods School (March 06-10, 2023) is comprised of three courses. 


The courses are open to academics (students, professors, individuals employed by colleges and universities, and other institutions of higher education) and non-academics (consultants and other practitioners from the private sector or national and international organizations) and will be held online and on-site.


The courses are:

  • Survey data harmonization across time and space. Instructor: Marta Kołczyńska. March 6th-7th. 8-hour course
  • Questionnaire design for cross-cultural survey research. Instructor: Diana Zavala-Rojas. March 8th-10th. 12-hour course.
  • Social network analysis. Instructor: Luca De Benedictis. March 9th-10th. 8-hour course




8-hour course:

  • Students: 250€
  • Researchers: 400€
  • Professionals: 500€

12-hour course:

  • Students: 300€
  • Researchers: 500€
  • Professionals: 600€

Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) students will have a 15% discount on the student fee. If you are a UPF student, please contact us ([email protected]) before enrolling in the courses and we will provide you with a discount code.

You can pay via credit/debit card or with a bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy: All refund/cancellation requests must be provided via email to [email protected] and received prior to February 17th, 2023. From February 18th cancellation will not be refunded.

Invoices are sent upon demand.


Courses (syllabus)