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Poses, Carlos


Carlos Poses is a Researcher at the Research and Expertise Centre for Survey Methodology (RECSM-UPF). He collaborates with RECSM since 2019 and his current work is related to measurement with surveys (measurement errors, measurement invariance), overall survey data quality and questionnaire design. 

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from UPF-UC3M-UAM (inter-university degree). He completed one full year in Madrid (UAM-UC3M) and one semester at KU Leuven (Belgium). His broader interests are empirical social science, most often with a quantitative focus, and overall research methodology (causal inference, data analyses).



"European Social Survey (ESS)-ERIC (ESS-ERIC)". (2008-ongoing). PI: Dr. Wiebke Weber. Additional information

"Survey Quality Predictor (SQP)". (2008-ongoing). PI: Dr. Wiebke Weber. Additional information


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