The award-winning Survey Quality Predictor (SQP, software contains a database of survey questions that allows users to consult existing questions and their measurement quality, adding newly created questions and predict their measurement quality, and consulting translations of survey questions. The SQP database contains a wide range of survey questions concerning many different topics in many different forms and languages.

SQP was created by RECSM co-founder Willem Saris and is continuously improved and updated. The development of the next version SQP3.0 is led by Wiebke Weber who collaborates with researchers of the RECSM as well as the Sociometric Research Foundation. The new version with many new features is expected for 2021. 

Team: Melanie Revilla, Wiebke Weber

See the improvement from SQP2 to SQP3 in a poster, prepared by Wiebke Weber and Melanie Revilla, for the Eutopia Science Fair 2021: