Back Webinar:'Public perception and understanding of AI' with Carlos Arcila (02/02/24)

Webinar:'Public perception and understanding of AI' with Carlos Arcila (02/02/24)



Visiting researcher at RECSM and Associate Professor at the University of Salamanca, Carlos Arcila Calderon, will give a webinar on Friday the 2nd of February, 2024, titled: 'Public perception and understanding of AI: How can attitudes and comprehension shape our interaction with technologies?'

In this webinar, Professor Calderon will examine the current social understanding and perception of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Spain, based on a set of national surveys, focus groups and the analysis of news media content. The webinar will explore the attitudes, as well as the perceived risks and benefits of AI. In addition, the seminar will show the factors that influence the adoption of AI technologies by citizens and the role of comprehensibility in the formation of positive and critical attitudes towards AI.

Date and time: Friday 2nd of February at 11am (CET time).

Location: Online, use the registration form below to receive the Zoom link. The Zoom video call will also be projected in room 40.149 of the Roger de Llúria building of the UPF Ciutadella campus.

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