New Article Published in The Social Observatory of La Caixa



New article published by Magdalena Bobowik (PI) & Elia Soler (RECSM members) among other authors in the Social Observatory of La Caixa.


The study was selected in the Call to support research projects on the social impact of covid-19:

Individual and collective responsibility within the context of the covid-19 pandemic

Within the current context of the worldwide health pandemic, the concepts of individual responsibility and collective responsibility may help to understand some of the negative consequences of covid-19. To fight the pandemic, identifying the psychological factors that may influence citizens’ behaviours and attitudes is fundamental, since part of the success of the health and social measures being applied within this context depends upon them. The study on which this article is based evaluates to what degree feeling a sense of responsibility for one’s own health and that of one’s nearest and dearest, in comparison with feeling a sense of responsibility for the health of other people, whether those of the local or the global community, is related to public health practices or agreement with healthcare and social policies, among others. These practices and attitudes help to fight against the pandemic; among other measures, by maintaining safety distances or complying with the imposed health rules and restrictions on mobility.


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