New Publications by Melanie Revilla (RECSM Deputy Director), J.K. Höhne and C. Ochoa (RECSM Members)



New articles by Melanie Revilla (RECSM Deputy Director), ​J.K. Höhne and C. Ochoa (RECSM Members):


Revilla, M., Paura, E. and Ochoa, C. (2021). Use of a research app in an online opt-in panel: The Netquest case. Methodological Innovations. Published online first January 13, 2021.

Revilla, M. and Höhne, J.K. (2020). "Repeatedly measuring political interest: can we reduce respondent' recall ability and memory effects in surveys using memory interference tasks?" International Journal of Public Opinion Research. Published online first December 24th, 2020. doi:

Revilla, M. and Höhne, J.K. (2020). "Comparing the participation of Millennials and older age cohorts in the CROss-National Online Survey panel and the German Internet Panel". Survey Research Methods, 14(5) : 499-513. DOI:

Kern, C., Höhne, J.K., Schlosser, S. and Revilla, M. (2020). "Completion Conditions and Response Behavior in Smartphone Surveys: A Prediction Approach Using Acceleration Data". Social Science Computer Review.  Published online first December 4, 2020.