New Publication by Anne R.van Ewijk & Wiebke Weber (RECSM Deputy Director)



Many policymakers and educational institutions hope to boost their economies by stimulating students’ entrepreneurial intentions. To date, most research concluded that entrepreneurship education could increase these intentions by improving the image that students have of entrepreneurship as a career option, making them see how their environment can help them become entrepreneurs or increasing their self-confidence regarding their entrepreneurial skills. However, recent studies show that even if these goals are achieved, students’ entrepreneurial intentions often do not grow.


Anne van Ewijk, an adjunct lecturer of Management at Abu Dhabi University, and Wiebke Weber, deputy director of the Research and Expertise Centre for Survey Methodology (RECSM) at the UPF Department of Political and Social Sciences, launched an international project that involved several universities in nine countries on six continents: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Finland, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, UAE and the United States. The article has been published recently in the online edition of Journal of Business Venturing Insights, which specializes in research related to entrepreneurial phenomena.


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