The 11th edition of the RECSM Summer Methods School in 2024

On-site & Online

The Research and Expertise Centre for Survey Methodology (RECSM) announces the 11th edition of the RECSM Summer Methods School (June 25 to July 12, 2024)

The RECSM Summer Methods School is a three-week intensive program covering diverse topics on survey methodology and advanced statistical analysis of survey data. Participants choose from 14 courses covering different topics to create their own program. All courses are taught by leading experts around the world. During the first week, we will offer introductory courses, including courses on software programming in R and STATA, while the second and third week focuses on more advanced learning.

Target group: Professionals, Researchers and Students who wish to develop high-quality surveys and employ up-to-date statistical methods for survey and quantitative data analyses. Potential attendees include survey practitioners, marketing professionals, social science students, and researchers.

Objective: To provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to design surveys, implement statistical analyses and carry out quantitative research.

Format: Online & On-site

Registration deadline: 14th of June

View the course calendar here.

You can sign up now! You must first register and then enrol

UPF students or individuals who have taken a course at UPF before can skip to enrolment.

Please refer to the registration and enrolment guide for instructions. If you have any queries, please contact [email protected].

Registration deadline: 14th of June


We are grateful to our sponsors, Netquest, whose support is integral to making the RECSM Methods School happen.

Since 2001, Netquest has provided genuine and insightful data to market researchers. Netquest's data collection capabilities and its consumer panels in over 20 countries make them a trusted partner that helps organizations and businesses analyze the market, gain valuable insights, and truly understand consumers