I am teaching at the UPF Master's in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Contact me if you are interested in topics related to Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, domain adaptation, machine learning in NLP, etc.


PhD Dissertations I supervised:

  • Marina Fomicheva  (2017): Modeling acceptable variation between candidate and reference translations in the context of machine translation evaluation. Cosupervisor with Iria da Cunha, UNED.
  • Jingyi Han (2017): Phrase Table Expansion for Statistical Machine Translation with reduced parallel corpora: the Chinese-Spanish Case
  • Silvia Necsulescu (2016) Automatic acquisition of lexical-semantic relations. Gathering information in a dense representation
  • Silvia Vázquez Suárez (2016) Pattern-Based Automatic Induction of Domain Adapted Resources for Social Media Analysis
  • Lauren Romeo (2015) The structure of the lexicon in the task of the automatic acquisition of lexical information
  • Sheila Queralt (2015) Estudio Piloto para la evaluación de evidencias lingüísticas en la comparación forense de textos mediante distribuciones poblacionales y relaciones de verosimilitudes. Cosupervisor with Lawrence M. Solan.
  • Hèctor Martínez (2013) Annotation of regular polysemy. An empirical assessment of the underspecied sense. Cosupervisor with Bolette Pedersen, University of Copenhanguen.
  • Gabriela Resnik (2012) Los nombre eventivos no deverbales en español. Cosupervisor with Àlex Alsina, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.