Back Voctro Labs launches Cantāmus, a successful result of the TROMPA project

Voctro Labs launches Cantāmus, a successful result of the TROMPA project

Cantāmus is a new singing rehearsal tool that allows choir singers to practice their part with vocal practice tracks synchronized to the score


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TROMPA project, the European H2020 project coordinated by the MTG (2018-2021), aimed to make public-domain digital music resources more accessible and focused on different use cases: instrument players, music enthusiasts, scholars, content owners, and choir singers. That was the use case in which the MTG and Voctro Labs collaborated to create an innovative tool to assist singers' practice. As a result, a Choir Singers Pilot prototype was created, and after further development, it has successfully evolved to Cantāmus. 

Cantāmus is a web-based technology developed by Voctro Labs, designed to allow singers to learn choral repertoires individually, quickly, comfortably, intuitively, and with an innovative format for both singers and choir directors. It is now available to any choir and vocal ensemble, either using pieces from a catalog or uploading any custom score in MusicXML format. Supported lyrics languages are English, German, Spanish, Catalan and Latin. You can find more information here.

If you sing in a choir or ensemble, try it and spread the word! (individual membership option coming soon too)



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