Back Maika the new vocaloid singer by Voctro Labs is now available!

Maika the new vocaloid singer by Voctro Labs is now available!



Voctro Labs christmas' gift has arrived! MAIKA, the new female Vocaloid 3 Voice Library, is a virtual singer that allows you to create vocal parts on your computer without the need of recording a real singer. By simply entering melody, lyrics and expression parameters you'll be able to create lead vocals, vocal accompaniment, demo vocals, vocal effects; the possibilities are endless. MAIKA is designed to sing in Spanish, but contains a wide range of phonemes that will also cover parts of other languages like Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, English and Japanese.

MAIKA has a powerful feminine voice. In the lower registers she has a softer, more airy voice, while in the higher registers she has a more intense timbre. She has an extraordinarily broad pitch range, which switches from a chest voice to a head voice in the highest registers. This makes her voice suited for a large range of musical genres and styles.

You can directly download the edition or if you prefer you can also order the boxed limited edition from Voctro Labs' website.

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