Participation to Sonar+D 2016

Participation to Sonar+D 2016



As in the past years, the MTG participates in the Sonar Festival that takes place from June 16th to 18th, 2016 specifically in its professional area Sonar+D.

Our participation this year is focused on the following activities:

Sonar Innovation Challenge:

After 5 years of successfully organising the Barcelona Music Hack Day (MHD) in collaboration with Sonar+D, the MTG is now pushing forward a new activity within the festival: the Sónar Innovation Challenge (SIC).

The SIC is a platform for the collaboration between innovative tech companies and creators (programmers, designers, artists) that aims to produce disruptive prototypes to be showcased in the main stage of Sonar+D. The interaction between companies and creators happens through challenges proposed by the companies themselves, seeking to boost the impact and visibility of the featured technologies motivated by the market needs for innovation. Challenges are not exclusively technology driven, but also driven by content or artistic motivation.

In this first edition, the SIC hosts 4 challenges: Extended electronic music festival experience (Absolut Labs), Interactive playlist based on crowd behaviour (Deezer), Expressive gaming through gesture interaction (RAPID-MIX) and Collective smartphone experience (RAPID-MIX and CoSiMa).

We were truly thrilled by the quantity (over 100) and quality of the applications we got in this first edition. The Sónar Innovation Challenge has been designed to attract creators with a wide variety of profiles and skills, and from this perspective the Open Call has been completely successful. There is a great balance of artists, coders, makers, designers, researchers… the perfect combination to form great multidisciplinary teams.

The SIC started with an online phase where each team of challengers collaborated over the internet together with the mentors of their challenge in order to define their roles in the team, describe the team’s proposed solution, create a first prototype and prepare a work plan for the 3 intensive days of the on-site phase of the SIC that will take place from June 15th to June 17th, with a kick-off meeting at IronHack, and two more days of intensive work before presenting the outcomes of each challenge at Sonar+D.

Giant Steps Booth at Market Lab area:

As part of the dissemination activities of Giant Steps project, several prototypes and products developed during the project will be demoed in a booth dedicated to Giant Steps at the Market Lab area.

The MTG will present the “House harmonic filler”, an expert agent for harmony specialized in House music, and “Drumming with Style”, an expert agent for the variation and generation of rhythmic patterns. Reactable Systems will introduce ROTOR, a new app which, by allowing the use of tangible control objects on capacitive screens, brings the unique tangible experience of the Reactable tabletop for the first time to the iPad, and RhytmCat, a concatenative synthesis VST plugin, developed in collaboration with the MTG. Native Instruments will present iMaschine2 for iOS and JKU will present “Rhythm Variation".

Users will be able to play with all these applications, which will run synchronized in a shared session.






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