SMC students winners in the Bulgaria Music Hackathon

SMC students winners in the Bulgaria Music Hackathon



Sound and Music Computing Master's students Manaswi Mishra, Kushagra Sharma and Siddharth Bhardwaj won the Music Vision category in the Bulgaria Music Hackathon with the project "Samsara - a virtual interactive soundscape", and got an opportunity of a sponsored visit to the monthly Music Hackathon in New York City, USA.

This project was a virtual interactive soundscape where multiple performers can create and manipulate music through their smartphones/touch interfaces. The virtual world is a physics based system where different types of virtual atoms interact with each other and the performer. Each performer has a role in the collaborative soundscape - a creator (sound generator atoms), a preserver (filters and fx atoms) and a destroyer (destroying the number of generators (creator atoms) in the system). Performers can create, delete and manipulate their type of atoms in the dynamic system of moving atoms and collisions to create a collaborative soundscape.

More information about the project can be found here: Presentation at Hackathon.

And a report about the event and interview on Live Bulgarian national TV: Eurocom TV interview.