Researcher - developer position open

Researcher - developer position open

The MTG is looking to hire a researcher-developer to work in a new project on psychoacoustics and computational modelling



The MTG-UPF, in collaboration with BMAT, starts a project funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya that will foster research and development on psychoacoustics and computational modelling. In the project we will address perceptual thresholds of music in different audiovisual contexts. The project opens the possibility to work for 2 years into the design and execution of:  a) experiments with human listeners; b) annotation campaigns to improve predictive algorithms of human listeners perception of music in audiovisual contexts; and c) predictive modelling of listening thresholds, under different conditions, using deep learning. The overall required dedication is 75% of a full-time schedule, but this amount of dedication can be partially modulated according to the project and the candidate requirements. We can also be flexible about the requirements of physical presence although, ideally, the candidate should be able to work in Barcelona, at the MTG. The MTG contribution will be supervised by Perfecto Herrera with the collaboration of BMAT researchers and developers. 

Starting date: April 2021

Required skills/qualifications:

We seek candidates with a background allowing them to carry on research  on perceptual processes in applied contexts and, additionally, their computational modelling. Suitable degree, among others, could be Computer Science, Electrical, Audiovisual or Multimedia Engineering, Psychology, Audiology, etc.

- Experience with Python and Git (or similar tools)
- Ability to work and deliver autonomously while being a part of a team

Valuable skills/experience:

- Master degree in Sound and Music Computing, Music Technology, Psychoacoustics, or related field

- Experience designing and carrying out experiments involving human subjects, online or on-site, and analysing their data

- Experience developing audio signal processing algorithms and deep learning applications

- Experience in music or audio annotation campaigns involving human listeners and massive collections of audio-visual recordings

- Experience in machine learning applied to audio

- Experience with deep learning libraries (Keras/TensorFlow)

- Experience using Essentia or similar audio analysis software

- Communicative skills


The Music Technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra is a leading research group with more than 40 researchers, carrying out research on topics such as audio signal processing, music information retrieval, musical interfaces, and computational musicology. The MTG wants to contribute to the improvement of the information and communication technologies related to sound and music, carrying out competitive research at the international level and at the same time transferring its results to society. To that goal, and guided by our values, the MTG aims at finding a balance between basic and applied research while promoting interdisciplinary approaches that incorporate knowledge from both scientific/technological and humanistic/artistic disciplines.


Interested people should send a resume as well as an introduction letter to [email protected]