Concert of Dhrupad singing: The music from India

Concert of Dhrupad singing: The music from India

In the context of Musical Bridges project we collaborate in the organization of a Dhrupad singing concert on Wednesday March 27 at Fundació Tàpies Barcelona



Dhrupad singing: The music from India


Meghana Sardar Kenjale – singing and tānpūra

Federico Sanesi – pakhāvaj

Meghana Sardar Kenjale, a young singer from India, disciple of Paṇḍit Uday Bhawalkar, and Federico Sanesi, an acclaimed Italian percussionist, disciple of Paṇḍit Sankha Chaterjee, will offer a concert of dhrupad according to its traditional setting. The singer, accompanying herself on the tānpūra (plucked string instrument that provides a backing drone and pitch reference), performs and develops the rāga throughout the different sections of the dhrupad, namely ālāp, joḍ, jhālā, and bandiś, the latter consisting of a poetic composition. The percussionist accompanies and maintains a musical dialog with the singer on the pakhāvaj during the last sections of the performance (jhālā and bandiś).
Dhrupad is one of the oldest traditional genres of Hindustani music. It has preserved its performance characteristics to the present day thanks to the master-disciple transmission, which follows the traditional teaching system of guru-śiṣya paramparā. Dhrupad was formed around the 15th century, related to the devotional worship to Viṣṇu, and later on it became a musical genre performed in the Hindu and Mughal courts until the 19th century.

This concert is organized by the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Saṅgītarasikā, the Music Technology Group (UPF) and the Asian Musics Program from the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, in collaboration with Fundació Phonos and Casa Asia.

Place: Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Carrer d'Aragó 255 (

Day: Wednesday, March 27

Time: 7pm (preceded by an introductory talk at 6pm, in Catalan and Spanish)

Tickets: 10€. To book tickets, please send an email to [email protected]