Knowledge Base automatically extracted from following the methodology described in the following paper.

KB Entities Triples Relation Patterns Cluster Patterns
KBSF-ft 20,744 32,055 20,438 14,481
KBSF-th 10,977 11,720 2,484 828
KBSF-co 30,671 113,561 --- ---
KBSF-raw 29,280 71,517 47,089 32,712
KBSF-rv 9,255 7,532 2,830 ---

The dataset includes the 5 KBs generated plus the evaluation subsets used in the manual evaluation (top 100 and random 100). The best version of the dataset (the one with higher precision) is KBSF-th. Further information about the dataset and the evaluation results can be found in the paper.

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Scientific References

Please cite the following paper if using KBSF.


Dataset compiled by Sergio Oramas and Luis Espinosa-Anke. This dataset is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 3.0.


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