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The Science Behind Music Technology: an animated story

Video created in the context of the MIP-Frontiers project to present the MIR field to a general audience


MIP-Frontiers project is a European Training Network for MIR researchers in which the MTG participates. The project comprises 4 academic and 3 non-academic Beneficiaries, plus 9 Partners, and trains 15 researchers through university-based and industry-based PhDs, involving cross-sectoral training via secondments and network-wide events.

As part of their training on research dissemination, our PhD students have created a video aimed at presenting the MIR field through specific use cases that can be understood by a general audience. The video shows the process of making and distributing a song, examplifying how MIR can support creators and listeners in each part of the process.

Our PhD students have been involved in the whole production process, from the writing of the script to making the music of the video. We have worked with the company ScienceSeed for the production of the animated video.

A blogpost in the MIP-Fronters site describes how the video has been created:




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