Back Participation of the MTG in different activities of the Sonar festival 2023: +RAIN, Creative summit, Project Area

Participation of the MTG in different activities of the Sonar festival 2023: +RAIN, Creative summit, Project Area

The activities will take place in Barcelona from June 13 to 17 in the frame of the Sonar+D festival


Imatge inicial

Sónar+D is the international meeting of art, science, and digital culture hosted by Sónar during the festival, and the MTG this year again participates in some of the activities within the festival or co-organized by Sonar+D:

+RAIN Live

June 14th – 8 PM

UPF Campus Poblenou

Registration (free entry)

As part of the +RAIN film festival, organized by the UPF in collaboration with Sonar+D, Sergi Jordà coordinates +RAIN Live, a show of music and audiovisuals using AI. +RAIN Live will present works from research and experimentation with AI, exploring aesthetic and narrative possibilities of creation with generative models and live coding.

The program includes Finding Light in the Distortion (Nicholas Evans, Alba Gonzalez, Pablo Gorostiaga), a performance in which they will improvise with a prototype of the GrooveTransformer Eurorack module, a hardware-based real-time rhythm generator developed by Behzad Haki and Nicholas Evans at the MTG. The Groove Transformer is a generative Neural Network that responds to the rhythmic inputs of human performers and accompanies them accordingly. In this hardware/Eurorack version of the Groove Transformer, the lightweight model can easily interface with other pieces of music hardware and respond to and trigger rhythmic events with standard control voltages. Although still a prototype, this will be the debut performance of the Groove Transformer Eurorack module. In the days following the performance, you can find the module on display at Sonar+D.

Full program:

Groove Transformer at Sonar+D Project Area

June 15th to 17th 

Project Area - Sonar+D (Sònar Festival)

The GrooveTransformer Eurorack module is a hardware-based real-time rhythm generator developed by Nicholas Evans, Behzad Haki, and Sergi Jordà within the Master in Sound and Music Computing. It will be presented at the Project Area of Sonar+D, an exhibition space where groundbreaking, innovative music technology, from apps and tech to instruments and gadgets are showcased. 


AI & WEB3 Creatives Summit - Music & IA 

June 15th, from 4 PM to 6 PM

Room+D - Sonar+D (Sònar Festival)

AI & WEB3 Creative Summit is a series of panels around creativity and emerging technologies organized by UPF Ventures in collaboration with Sonar+D. One session is dedicated to Music & AI and will be chaired and presented by Frederic Font. In this session, among other projects, Rafael Ramírez will present the SkyNote App.

The summit aims to encourage interaction between entrepreneurs, creators, investors, accelerators and incubators, and professionals from the creative industries. 

Full program:

International Symposium on Soundscape, Advanced Music and AI (ISSAM)

June 13th – 10:45 AM

Facultat de Geografia i Història

Universitat de Barcelona

The research group EKHO of the Universitat de Barcelona organizes, in collaboration with Sonar+D, the International Symposium on Soundscape and Advanced Music (ISSAM), to debate research advances and promote knowledge of interdisciplinarity on soundscape and advanced music.

The symposium will count on the participation of Sergi Jordà, who will give a talk on AI in Advanced Music 

Full program:



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