Back Neurocognitive Music Therapy, new book by Rafael Ramírez

Neurocognitive Music Therapy, new book by Rafael Ramírez

This book aims to provide an overview of neurocognitive music therapy, its impact and implications in evidence-based music interventions.


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The book Neurocognitive Music Therapy by Rafael Ramírez, has been recently published by Springer Link. The book highlights the profound capacity of music-based interventions to facilitate cognitive and emotional processing, enhance communication, and promote motor rehabilitation. At the same time, the book demonstrates how modern technologies offer new opportunities to evaluate, validate, and potentiate music-based interventions, allowing new and innovative possibilities and more personalized interventions. This book aims to contribute to the growing body of knowledge in this field and inspire further research and innovation in the practice of music therapy.

It is structured into several chapters, each presenting peer-reviewed research and evidence-based procedures in a specific clinical context. Topics covered in the book include:

  •     Musical engagement for individuals with motor disabilities
  •     Enhancing emotional processing in autism through music
  •     Stroke rehabilitation via musical interventions
  •     Musical neurofeedback for emotional disorders
  •     Emotional modulation with music therapy in palliative care
  •     AI-driven personalization in music interventions


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