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Video of ATMUS, the musical event organized in collaboration with DCASE Workshop 2021

Video of ATMUS, the musical event organized in collaboration with DCASE Workshop 2021

ATMUS is an event that put together music, field recordings and immersive video, organized by Bitlab Cooperative in collaboration with the DCASE Workshop 2021, Sónar +D and IDEAL, Centre d'Arts Digitals.



ATMUS (Musical Atlas) is a musical stage action in an immersive 360 sound and audiovisual environment which had its digital premiere in the context of DCASE 2021. The performance is characterized by taking as a starting point the community digital archive of sound, visual, 360º and photographic content generated with the participation of citizens during the sound heritage projects of the BitLab Cooperative. The processes of sound maps and field recordings are concentrated in the geographies of Sant Andreu Barcelona (Kaleidoscope 2019), Raval and Sagrada Familia (Noise Maps 2020), Ciutat Meridiana (2021), Llobregat and Cardener (2021) and Besòs (2021).

The stage action will consist of a musical show with 360 visuals, where 2 bands of musicians, in trio format and placed in the shape of a crescent or accordion, played a bespoke soundtrack composed to accompany the sound and audiovisual recordings. The recording of the show took place in an immersive cellar, with a system of 360º visual projections and multi-channel surround sound, collaborating with musicians Za!, Sara Fontan and Gambardella. ATMUS proposes an artistic take on the use of audio materials that are very similar to those found in many of the datasets used by the DCASE research community.

Watch the video of the performance here:


More information on ATMUS can be found here.





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