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Freesound aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, and all sorts of bleeps, ... released under Creative Commons licenses that allow their reuse



Open-source library and tools for audio and music analysis, description and synthesis

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Back Collaboration with ‘MUTEK Simposium: a future without gender’

Collaboration with ‘MUTEK Simposium: a future without gender’

Lorenzo Porcaro participates in the first hybrid edition of the MUTEK ES+AR Gender and Diversity Symposium that will take place on April 21 and 22.



This year the MTG and Phonos collaborate again with MUTEK festival that, besides the music festival, this year organises 'MUTEK Symposium: a future without gender'. A hybrid event that will take place on April 21st and 22nd at Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm in Barcelona and online.

The event includes panels, workshops and networking events, with the participation of more than 20 speakers, and more than 300 projects, institutions and professionals at a global level through the virtual platform Swapcard.

The objective of the symposium is to begin to draw a new industry model in which inequality and gender discrimination have no place, starting from a very simple premise: "that they no longer exist".

Lorenzo Porcaro, researcher at the MTG, will participate in the panel Promises and challenges of technology in relation to gender on April 21 at 6PM, to dicuss on the impact of technology in the music industry and the gender balance.

Lorenzo's research is focused on how recommendation technologies can reinforce cultural bias and its impact on diversity. Recently he led a work on music recommendation systems and gender biases.

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