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We need your singing or guitar playing trials!!!

We need your singing or guitar playing trials!!!



We are doing a research project on the automatic assessment of musical exercises and we have started with beginning guitar and beginning Hindustani singing. We need volunteers to do a few very simple exercises to get real audio samples.

Your task is simply to play some simple exercises on the guitar or reproduce a singing example. The recording is done from the browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) and all of the exercises have detailed instructions about what to do.


More information:

  • You need not be an exceptional musician to participate. Beginners or people who just decided to learn guitar or like to sing are especially welcomed. 
  • You should use the same setup (computer, browser, sound card) during all recordings.
  • You should enable cookies and don't clear them until submission of the last recording.
  • For the guitar exercises you could use any kind of guitar (acoustic or electric through an amplifier).
  • You must record sounds through the microphone (either built-in or external).
  •  For most of the recordings you must use headphones to prevent background track playback be recorded along with your playing/singing.
  • For the guitar exercises first perform the first two tests (Lesson00LatencyTest1, Lesson00LatencyTest2). 
  • No need to do all the exercises and you can repeat each of them several times.
  • The goal for guitar exercises is to play the exercises correctly and close to the metronome. For singing exercises, you should try to imitate the pitch and tempo of the reference example.
  • For the singing exercises you can watch this intro video:
  • For the guitar exercises send any question to [email protected] and for the singing exercises to [email protected]edu


Thanks for your help!!!!