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AudioCommons project at Abbey Road Studios

AudioCommons project at Abbey Road Studios

AudioCommons project will participate to the FAST Industry Day at Abbey Road Studios (London) on October 25


Music’s changing fast: FAST is changing music. Showcasing the culmination of five years of digital music research, FAST project (Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies) is hosting an industry day. Presented by Professor Mark Sandler, Director of the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London, the event will showcase to artists, journalists and industry professionals the next generation technologies that will shape the music industry – from production to consumption.

The MTG participates to the FAST industry day presenting Freesound and AudioCommons Initiative, aimed to addess the challenges associated with using Creative Commons content in the professional audio production environment. Some of the tools developed as part of AudioCommos will be shown during the event:  Samplesurfer, Audiotexture, Tombral Explorer... Read about these tools in the blog post of AudioCommons website.

FAST Industry day is an invite only event that will take place at Abbey Road Studios in London on October 25, 2018. Find more information in the full programme of the event.