Back Banda Sonora Vital project has been awarded by Cruz Roja

Banda Sonora Vital project has been awarded by Cruz Roja

The project has received one of the awards at the 5th edition of Premios Cruz Roja de Tecnología Humanitaria


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Cruz Roja (Red Cross) has announced the winning initiatives of the Humanitarian Technology Awards, that recognize the best ideas, prototypes or fully operational solutions that stand out for their creative and innovative nature in the application of new technologies for the benefit of humanitarian actions and disadvantaged groups. The project Banda Sonora Vital has received the award under the category IMPACT.

Banda Sonora Vital is a technology for recovering the musical memory of people with Alzheimer disease through a music recommendation system that makes it easy for those people to reconnect with their environment, their families and their own vital existence, improving their emotional well-being. The project is led by Emilia Gómez, Perfecto Herrera and Felipe Navarro.

The award consists of 4,000 euros that will help to support the development of the project. In addition the award also includes a mentoring session and support in the promotional actions.

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Interview to Felipe Navarro: (from min. 18:51)



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