Research dissemination

The MTG aims to promote its research results amongst both the academic community and the general public. We are active in participating in activities and organizing events for disseminating the results of the research done.

Dissemination activities

Regularly we participate in events to explain our research to the general public. We are especially interested in activities addressed to young students in order to contribute to stimulate their career interests. Some examples are our participation at Fira de recerca en directe, La festa de la ciencia, Escolab or YoMo.


Dictionary of Sound and Music Technologies

The dictionary, in Catalan/ Spanish/ English, aims to collect specific terms accepted and used by students and professionals in the field of sound and music technology. It includes not only terms designating general concepts, but also it includes other more specific concepts related to the analysis and synthesis of sound, acoustics, psychoacoustics, digital effects devices and hardware.