Culture Aware Music Technologies

Project funded by the European Research Council as a Proof of Concept grant associated with the project CompMusic.
Duration: from November 2nd 2015 to April 1st 2017.
IP: Xavier Serra
The goal of CAMUT was to exploit some technologies developed within the CompMusic project, developing specific prototype products tailored to suit the cultural/social/economic context of India, then formulating a business plan around them.
In the course of the project, the goals and specific tasks done evolved quite a bit, mainly due to the feedback obtained from the market. We successfully reached the overall goals of the project.The main technological outcomes of CAMUT were two software applications. Saraga, which is a mobile app for Android that allows to navigate and listen to a collection of Hindustani and Carnatic songs, and Riyaz, which is also an Android app, but this one specific to learn music.
Sarāga provides an enriched listening atmosphere over a collection of Carnatic and Hindustani music. It allows Indian art music connoisseurs and casual listeners to navigate, discover and listen to these music traditions using familiar, relevant and culturally grounded concepts. Sarāga includes innovative visualizations that present musically rich information to the user. These time synchronized visualizations of musically relevant facets such as melodic patterns, samas locations and sections, provide a user with better understanding and appreciation of these musical traditions.
Riyaz offers hundreds of singing and lessons and vocal exercises for perfecting singing in tune. It is a personal vocal trainer that takes the user singing proficiency to a next level. Riyaz listens to a user's singing voice giving instant feedback to correct the user's mistakes during practice. The app is available from
Out of the CAMUT project, the spin-off company MusicMuni ( has been created in order to commercialize Riyaz.