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We are the Music Technology Group: new video presenting our research group in less than 2 minutes

by Sonia Espí


When some months ago we decided to make a short presentation video, we never imagined how challenging it would be. We had to compress 25 years of history, more than 100 research projects, more than 100 technologies developed, and much more, into less than 2 minutes; plus make it understandable for everyone. It has been an interesting process that has taken quite a bit of time and effort, but we are very happy with the result.  


The process behind the video

We had made a video in 2014 to present our research. Since then many things have changed and we thought it was time to update the information. That gave us an opportunity to reconsider everything.

When we started to think about the content of the video, we tried to make explicit our different potential audiences: students, researchers, industry and general society. This helped us decide what to explain and how to explain it.

For the production of the video we partnered with the audiovisual company We love Martha. They contributed to create a simplified script capturing who we are, what we do and what motivates our work, and they translated our ideas into images. They were also responsible for the sound and music. By using different rhythms and sound textures they tried to reflect the personality and diversity of our research. We believe they succeeded.

Our main goal was to catch the attention of the viewer, so it had to be quick and fresh, excluding most technical descriptions. We tried to minimize empty spaces; every second matters and every frame should have information. We did not want to include details about projects or technologies, since those are already clearly presented on our website. We wanted something short and appealing.

But, what is this video about?

The video talks about us, aiming to give an idea of what the MTG is. It starts with an introduction describing who we are, what we do, our history, and it gives some relevant numbers. It includes images of people, current and former members, which is our essence.

Abstract and suggestive graphics are used when the video introduces the interdisciplinarity that “allows our research to go beyond the limits”. Then it tries to express the quantity and diversity of the technologies we have developed using a graphical metaphor, without references to any specific project: “...we have developed so many practical applications that couldn’t even fit them on the screen…”

Openness and collaboration are fundamental for us and the video emphasizes this aspect. Many of the institutions with which we have collaborated appear listed on a sphere that represents our worldwide partnerships. We also aim at developing music technologies with which to have a social impact in areas such as culture, education and wellbeing, and to contribute to current and future challenges of our society. This is highlighted in the video because it gives meaning and value to our research: “... we believe that our work will change the world”.

The MTG is much more than the researchers working in the group; many external people and institutions contribute to our goals and work. We end the video by making the point that there are many ways to collaborate and be part of the MTG community: “... be a part of it”. 

We hope you like the video!!!





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