Back Sounds of Mars: sound fiction workshops at the CCCB

Sounds of Mars: sound fiction workshops at the CCCB

The CCCB in collaboration with Phonos and the MTG will offer a series of workshops using Freesound in the frame of the exhibition Mars, the red mirror


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Can you imagine the sound of a rover when moving on the Martian surface? And how a future city in Mars would sound? Sounds of Mars is a sound fiction creation workshop that propose to imagine the sounds of the planet Mars. Through different sound reproduction and recording devices, but also with other unexpected tools, we will play and exercise our ear and creativity.

It is known that sound cannot be heard in the space. But imagining it becomes an interesting and very different exercise in creative speculation: immersed as we are in a society centered on the visual, we often stop exercising the other senses. Fostering our auditory imagination, in this workshop we will create new sounds through sound reproduction devices, synthesis programs and synthesizers, effect modules, sounds of Freesound, foley and even the body itself. The whole process will be based on debate, teamwork and the distribution of roles in the tasks of scriptwriting, sound production and recording. The final results will be shared through Freesound.

This activity is part of the project Sons de Barcelona, an initiative that aim at fostering the interest for sound in the city of Barcelona, promoted by Phonos and the MTG. This family oriented workshop will take place in different dates from April 25 to June 5 in the frame of the exhibition Mars the red mirror at the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB).


Dates: April 25, May 8, May 30 and June 5 2021

Time: 11.30 - 13.30

To participate in a workshop registration is needed. More information and tickets:



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