Back Celebration of the first 25 years of the MTG

Celebration of the first 25 years of the MTG

by Xavier Serra


What a great event we had on June 27th and 28th 2019!!! The Barcelona Music Technology Forum was a wonderful celebration of the first 25 years of the MTG.

More than 200 people came to the event, with an amazing representation of former members, alumni, collaborators, and current members (MTG attendees). The program included 56 talks, 25 poster presentations, and 6 music interventions, plus networking time for colleagues and friends to meet again and share past and present stories. Impossible to capture in writing the experiences and emotions that we all had during those two days (for a glimpse of that check #MTG25years).

We had the obvious talks by our faculty (X. Serra, R. Ramirez, S. Jordà, E. Gómez), talks around some of our consolidated projects, like Freesound (F. Font and B. de Jong), Essentia (D. Bogdanov and N. Wack), AcousticBrainz (A. Porter), Vocaloid (J. Bonada), or CompMusic (R. Caro Repetto). Related to the MTG we also had one presentation on our outreach and communication ideas (S. Espi), two talks on Phonos (A. Lewin-Ritcher, A. Faraldo) and a visionary talk (P. Herrera).

Two of our spin-offs gave presentations (A. Locos, J. Janer) together with a number of our partner companies and institutions (A. Garriga, J. L. Zagazeta, R. Mañas, D. Vidal Gonzalez & J. Fuentes).

We had talks by quite a number of the people that did their PhD with us (A. Barbosa, E. Guaus, G. Dzhambazov, G. Roma, F. Gouyon, C. Laurier, J. Serrà, A. Hazan, M. Umbert, M. Miron, S. Oramas, F. Fuhrmann, J. Bosch, Z. Vamvakousis). Some of our SMC Master alumni also talked about their current work (P. J. González, M. Risueño, L. Aldana, G. MeseguerL. VinceslasE. Giné, B. Rocha, J. Garcia, E. Molina).

The program also included presentations from a number of people that worked at the MTG as post-docs or researchers (T. Aussenac, J. Haas, W. Nogueira, O. Mayor, M. Kaltenbrunner, P. BrossierE. Resina).

In the poster sessions we had quite a number of presentations covering most of our research, with participation of many of our current PhD and Master students. We had presentations on audio tagging, source separation, emotion analysis, computational musicology, music recommendation, music education, singing voice synthesis, music exploration, audio clustering, beat tracking, version detection, gesture analysis, ... and more.

The music interventions showed that for most MTG members music research cannot be separated from music making. We basically do music research because we love music!!!

The BMTF captured the past and present of the MTG, giving a very informative view of what we really are and of what we have accomplished in these 25 years. The technical presentations gave a flavor of the quality and breath of the work done by the MTG community. The personal stories of the participants captured our real purpose and explained why the MTG is so great.

My most sincere gratitude to all the people that have contributed to make the MTG what it is. The BMTF was the most rewarding experience I have had in my academic career. Thanks!!!



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