1. What is the pre-registration tutoring session?

The pre-registration tutoring session is the student’s personal interview with the academic tutor and the M.A. coordinator, done before the on line self-registration process starts. In this compulsory tutoring session, the student has to choose the courses to be taken, as shown in the pre-registration session form.


2. Calendar and schedule

Before the student’s interview with the academic tutor and the coordinator, an informative session will be scheduled:

General informative session: Friday, 12th September, 9.30-10.15 h, classroom to be determined

Tutoring session: Friday, 12th September, 10.30 h, office 52.713

On the same day of the tutoring session, the student must deliver the tutoring sheet and the original access documentation (with photocopies) to the secretary's office, from 9.30 to 14 h.

You can check the tutoring sheet here, but you don't have to do anything until the appointed day.

Contact: UGA de Traducció i Ciències del Llenguatge (despatx 52.305) C/Roc Boronat 138, Barcelona 08038, tel. (+34) 93 542 29 40