Vés enrere 02/05/10 Seminari GLiF a càrrec de Berith Gehrke (Humboldt University Berlin)

02/05/10 Seminari GLiF a càrrec de Berith Gehrke (Humboldt University Berlin)






Títol: "Against the notion of fake imperfectivity" a càrrec de Berith Gehrke (Humboldt University Berlin)

Data: dijous 2 de maig del 2019

Hora: 12.00 h

Lloc:  Sala de reunions 52.701 - 7a planta edifici 52. Roc Boronat - Campus del Poblenou - UPF

Resum. Russian imperfective (IPF) verb forms, in addition to the typologically well-attested imperfective meanings of ongoing process and of habituality, can also be used in contexts where they describe completed events, in their so-called factual use, as in (1).

(1) Zimnij Dvorec stroil Rastrelli.

     winter-.ACC palace.ACC built.IPF Rastrelli.NOM 

     ‘It was Rastrelli who built the Winter Palace.’


Since completed events, however, are commonly associated with perfective (PF) aspect semantics (e.g. the event time is part of the reference time), Grønn (2015) treats factual IPFs as ‘fake’ IPFs that rather come with a PF semantics. In this paper, we argue that the focus on event completion is misguided and leads to inaccurate conclusions. By taking into account the broader discourse semantics and the information structure involved, we show that factual uses of the IPF can be captured by a standard IPF semantics, in terms of the reference (or assertion) time being part of the event time, and that there is no need to either introduce the notion of ‘fake’ IPF or to attribute a PF semantics to IPF forms.



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