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Back [PhD thesis] Map-less inventory and location for an RFID-based robot

[PhD thesis] Map-less inventory and location for an RFID-based robot

Author: Víctor Casamayor Pujol

Supervisors: Rafael Pous Andrés

This thesis presents a new paradigm for RFID-based inventory robots. This map-less operation increases the operative autonomy of the robots as they no longer require a mapping step. This new paradigm is based on the stigmergy concept. Additionally, this new paradigm leads to a simplification of the robot design and allows the cooperation among multiple robots, increasing the robustness and scalability of the system while reducing its cost. The stock-counting problem is defined and an algorithm based on stigmergy is proposed as a solution, which is initially tested in simulation, an later in real scenarios. This thesis details the design process and development of two robots that can take advantage of this new paradigm and that are tested in a real environment, the library of the university. Finally the thesis also presents a new RFID groups location algorithm aligned with the main characteristics of the new paradigm: simplification and efficiency.

Link to manuscript: http://hdl.handle.net/10803/669969