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  • Deep Learning Study Group
  • Deep Learning Seminars. Several seminars are organised around Machine Learning in general, and Deep Learning in specific, within the DTIC Seminars, hosting activities of the BCN Machine Learning Study Group or organised ad-hoc. Unless explicitly stated, they are open to anybody interested in joining, and often recorded.


Past seminars and associated materials

Deep Learning Study Group

Deep Learning and Data Science Seminars

  • 22/03/2017 19:00h, room 52.033 (BCN ML Study Group)

H20 Deep Water - Making Deep Learning Accessible to Everyone. Jo-fai, data scientist at H20.ai

More than words: Machine learning applied to Marketing. Cristina Aranda. Intelygenz & MujeresTech.

Machine learning in industry: textbooks vs real life. José A. Rodríguez. BBVA Big Data Research

  • 02/11/2016 19:00h (BCN ML study group). Room 52.023

What matters and what doesn't? The machine learning challenges in online adds. Nicolas le Roux, Criteo.

Data and Algorithmic Bias in the Web. Ricardo Baeza-Yates (NTENT & DTIC-UPF Web Research Group)

  • 15/06/2016, 19:00h (BCN ML study group)

Big Crisis Data - an exciting frontier for applied computing. Carlos Castillo, Director of Research for Data Mining, Eurecat (Video)

  • 13/06/2016, 11:00h (room 55.410). Internal seminar

Experimenting with Musically Motivated Convolutional Neural Networks General communication. Jordi Pons, Music Technology Group, DTIC-UPF

  • 24/05/2016, 19:00h (BCN ML study group)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Deep Learning. Joan Bruna, UC Berkeley (Video and slides)

  • 10/05/2016, 15:30h (DTIC Seminar)

Deep Learning for Transition-based Natural Language Processing. Miguel Ballesteros, Natural Language Processing (TALN) group, DTIC-UPF

  • 29/04/2016, 11:00h (GRIB at CEXS-UPF Seminar)

Incremental Unsupervised Training of Deep Architectures. Davide Maltoni, University of Bologna

  • 25/04/2016, 15:30h (room 55.230, internal DTIC-UPF seminar)

Deep learning for learning optimal controllers. Vicenç Gómez, Artificial Intelligence group, DTIC-UPF

Suggested reading:

Real-Time Stochastic Optimal Control for Multi-agent Quadrotor Systems

  • 03/03/2016, 15:30h (DTIC Seminars)

Deep Learning. Alexandros Karatzoglou, Telefónica Research

  • 26/02/2016, 11:00h (GRIB at CEXS-UPF Seminar)

Deep Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning for Building Intelligent Machines. Silvia Chiappa, Google Deep Mind, UK.

  • 25/02/2016, 19:00h (BCN ML Study Group)

Lessons Learned from Building Real-Life ML Systems. Xavier Amatriain, Quora. (Video)