MAX-R: Mixed Augmented and Extended Reality Media Pipeline

MAX-R is a 30-month IA that will define, develop and demonstrate a complete pipeline of tools for making, processing and delivering maximum-quality XR content in real time. The pipeline will be based on open APIs, open file and data transfer formats to encourage development and support the integration of new open source and proprietary tools. MAX-R builds on recent research and advances in Virtual Production technologies to develop real-time processes to deliver better quality, greater efficiency, enhanced interactivity, and novel content based on XR media data.

The interdisciplinary Consortium of eleven partners from five countries covers the chain from technology development and product innovation to creative experiment and demonstration, and from XR media creation to delivery to the final consumer. It is built around Europe’s leading media technology developers, together with creative organisations operating in AR/VR/MR, Virtual Production, interactive games, new media, TV, video and news, multimedia and immersive performance.


Department of Engineering and Information and Communication Technologies

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