The Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the project procedures with specific examples. It also gives an overview of consortium partners, communication procedures and describes in detail how documents related to the project should be formatted.

This deliverable reports on the data strategies planned for the MAX-R project. The deliverable summarises and discusses the type of data which the project will be dealing with, and especially in terms of its potential release. 

This report describes the workflows, and system architecture that underpin the scenarios, and aims to provide an initial technical foundation and understanding of the cross-over technologies involved to build on during the development period of the project.

This report describes the use cases and scenarios which have been identified to drive the demonstration and evaluation of the MAX-R outputs.

This document provides the rationale of the project website implementation, key concepts, design and actual implementation are briefly discussed. It also gives an introduction to the different social media channels that have been set up.

Plan for dissemination activities and exploitation of results, with links to the conferences, papers, web resources and publications produced during the project.