This line of research examines the linkages between social determinants of health such as work, housing, and others, on health equity using an intersectionality lens through the view of key axes of inequality. Our work falls within the following three main broad themes:


- Small area mortality atlases and material deprivation analyses

- The analysis of the complex interactions between living conditions and social determinants of health with axes of inequality (eg., social class, gender, migration, territory, age).

- Comprehensive reports and bibliometric analysis of health inequalities.


Topics we have explored with our research include: the generation of several small-area atlases in Spain and Catalonia, and the relation between material deprivation and mortality inequalities; the analysis of the complex interactions between gender, social class and place of origin; the analyses of social determinants of health (eg. precariousness and energetic poverty) on health inequalities using different types of indicators (eg., mortality, visual impairment, dental health problems, HIV/AIDS, and other outcomes); and bibliometric analysis of the production of health inequalities research.