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Who we are

GREDS-EMCONET is the acronym for the Research Group on Health Inequalities, Environment - Employment Conditions Network, located within the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra(UPF).  The group is also part of the Public Policy Center, an existing partnership between the UPF and The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA).

GREDS is made up of a network of researchers in the public health field that includes a diverse group of public health professionals, some of whom are physicians, biologists, epidemiologists, anthropologists, nurses, economists, sociologists, political scientists, and statisticians, among others. We work together for the common goal of bringing to light, understanding, and changing what is being called the worst epidemic of the 21st century: health inequalities generated by social determinants of health.

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Health Inequalities Research Group, Environment - Employment Conditions Network

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