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Activism Mobilising Science new article

Activism Mobilising Science new article

GREDS-EMCONET is pleased to announce the publication of the first article about the Activism Mobilising Science project, with thanks to the Recercaixa project.



Cuando la realidad supera la ficción: Sebastià Estradé i Rodoreda (1923-2016) contra la montaña de residuos salinos

This article examines the personal trajectory of Sebastià Estradé, with special attention to his activity as a science-fiction writer since the 1960s. Halfway between science popularisation and science-fiction writing, Estradé witnessed the 1960s Space Race and the 1970s awakening of environmental consciousness. With a strong background in Law, he became known after he retired, when he sued mining company Iberpotash for its management of potash mine tailings in the Bages region (Catalonia). From the old people’s home of El Relat, the power of Estradé’s words and arguments were key for winning the first legal case against the company, reminding us that reality sometimes exceeds fiction.

Keywords: environmental history, potash mining, Llobregat, Space Race, ecocriticism

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