Back The first EUTOPIA Doctoral School, "a great opportunity to connect with other international doctoral candidates"

The first EUTOPIA Doctoral School, "a great opportunity to connect with other international doctoral candidates"

For the first time, the meeting took place within the framework of the alliance of ten European universities to which UPF belongs


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PhD students are one of the priorities for EUTOPIA regarding the opportunities it offers to the university communities of its ten partners. In early May, the First EUTOPIA Doctoral School took place at the Convent of Arrábida in Lisbon, with the participation of doctoral candidates from Pompeu Fabra University.

Matilde Carbajo, PhD student in the History program at UPF

Matilde is an archaeologist and anthropologist, currently a PhD student in the History program at UPF, and a teaching assistant in the Department of Humanities. She applied to participate in the EUTOPIA Doctoral School, which she considers "a great opportunity to connect with other international doctoral candidates."

The Doctoral School focused on enhancing researchers' abilities to communicate their knowledge and research, as well as interact with different audiences while maintaining scientific rigor and precision. In this regard, Matilde firmly believes that "in scientific communication, the effective transmission of information depends not only on the clarity of the message but also on the way it is conveyed."

She also highly values the Writing Retreat sessions, where participants work together in pairs or small groups to write, share experiences, and set goals. Matilde adds, "The interaction with others and the focus on mental well-being ensure not only the achievement of your objectives but also a healthy approach to doing so." In fact, she suggests that the activity should be called "Healthy Writing Retreat" rather than simply "Writing Retreat."

Alice Vidal, PhD student at the Center for Brain and Cognition at UPF

Alice is finishing her PhD in Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at UPF. She applied to the EUTOPIA Doctoral School because she saw it as a great opportunity to learn effective strategies for writing and communicating her research to diverse audiences. Additionally, she wanted to "get to know other doctoral students from across Europe."

In the various sessions she attended, they practiced reaching non-expert audiences through press releases and honed their skills in answering to television interviews. Alice feels that she has learned "how to adapt my way of conveying information using multisensory tools, as well as how to manage our time when writing."

According to Alice, one of the most important aspects of these gatherings is "being able to work with people from all over Europe, with different cultures and academic experiences." She acknowledges that the environment and her fellow participants were supportive, describing them as "friendly and open-minded."



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