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Interested in a student-led Conference on Sustainability?

Interested in a student-led Conference on Sustainability?

Come and join us next June 30, July 1-2


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Rethinking Sustainable Development Goals UN 2030 in the Post Pandemic Era: Building new priorities, facing new challenges and seizing opportunities, from June 30 to July 2 2021.

As part of the EUTOPIA alliance, UPF will be holding a student-centered conference on Sustainability, which will be online.

Please, check the Eventum.

Student-centered conference on Sustainability:

From international organizations to small tiny communities, everything has been shaken by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Global problems associated with poverty, hunger, and surely health, have been foregrounded. The crisis has led to a lot of new issues and accelerated many others. 

With only a decade left to reach the deadline of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, the path seems to have dramatically changed. This challenge also provides an opportunity to act to a fairer and greener society while tackling the consequences of this tremendous disruption.

The conference will be led by EUTOPIA students presenting 26 projects on sustainability. 

“Rethinking SDG UN 2030 in the Post Pandemic Era”'s Programme:

June 30

10:00 Presentation Antoni Luna, vice rector of internationalization at UPF.

10:15 Keynote by Henning Göransson, Program Officer of Water and Sanitation at the Stockholm International Water Institute. #SDG6

11:00 Planet: inspirational pitch presentations

12:00 People: inspirational pitch presentations.


July 1 

11:00 Planet: round table

12:00 Poster presentation

13:00 Peace: round table

14:00 Keynote by Cynthia Enloe, Feminist Theorist, Writer and Professor, with focus on gender and militarism. #SDG4 #SDG16


July 2

10:00 Partnerships: inspirational pitch presentations.

11:00 Prosperity: inspirational pitch presentations.

12:00 People: Workshop by Helena Robert

13:00 Greeting Antoni Luna


Looking forward to seeing you all there!