This is the first master's degree programme in Spain, and one of the very few in Europe, to adopt a global perspective of law. The master's degree in European and Global Law offers the knowledge and training a global jurist and lawyer requires in the 21st century. It combines transnational, international, comparative, and global perspectives with a European emphasis, thus transcending the narrow, domestic views of the law that have been characteristic of many law studies for centuries. It also adopts a theoretical as well as a practical approach.

Taught in Barcelona, it is inspired by a cosmopolitan and global view with a European flavour.


  • UE students: 1,800 €
  • Non EU Students: 5,749.8 €


From September to June, Timetable Afternoons


1 academic year full time, 2 academic years part time (60 ECTS credits)





Course type


UPF PhD to which it grants access

Phd in Law

Teaching Transformation and Digital Evolution Teaching Transformation and Digital Evolution

The Ll. M. in European and Global Law has embraced the planned digital transformation undertaken by UPF since 2017-2018. This teaching evolution was crucial to successfully cope with the adverse situation that all universities experienced in the second half of the academic year 2019-2020.

This process of adaptation and evolution guarantees the normal development of academic activities in extraordinary circumstances like those occurred worldwide.