The Faculty of Law at Universitat Pompeu Fabra is delighted to host and welcome a new promising class of the Master in European and Global Law.

All our new students have worked hard to be here, and here they are to enjoy what could be one of the best years of their lives. A large team of professionals at UPF, from the administrative staff to each of the faculty members will devote their time and energy to offer the appropriate academic conditions for an exceptional experience.

The Master in European and Global Law is committed to high academic standards and to provide our students with advanced legal education shaping a versatile international and European profile. Apart from courses offered by the programme, the Department of Law encourages students to participate in all its academic activities, from conferences to seminars, workshops, etc. Hopefully, this will create a stimulating and enriching academic environment benefiting the community we are all part of.

From the Coordination of the Master in European and Global Law I welcome all the new students and wish them a rewarding and enjoying experience among us in Barcelona.

Josep Ibáñez
Coordinator of the LL.M. European and Global Law

Welcome session 2021-2022 (recording 27th September 2021).

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