Cohort 2023-2025

Neus Vegas, EMAI student specializing in data science

‘I realized that programming and artificial intelligence could play a crucial role in addressing some of the most urgent issues. For example, AI has already demonstrated its potential in areas such as the environment, education or health [...]. I want to work at the intersection of AI and healthcare, focusing on developing innovative solutions to address critical health challenges and improving patient outcomes.’

Djibril Coulybaly, EMAI student specializing in robotics

‘My curiosity in these fields drives my ambition to develop robotic solutions that can be used and adapted, seamlessly integrated into everyday life; to improve human abilities and make informed decisions in complex and unpredictable environments. I think that this approach could help pave the way to truly intelligent systems capable of working side by side with us to tackle some of the urgent challenges facing global society.’


Aleksandar Dimitrievikj, EMAI student specializing in intelligent decision-making 

‘In a rapidly changing context such as that of artificial intelligence, it is important to address the highly sensitive issues involved in AI and to be aware of the continuous evolution of knowledge and research in this field [...]. I hope this programme will help keep me on the cutting edge of advances in AI and ensure that I can adapt to emerging technologies and play a fundamental role in shaping the future of AI.’


Nazanin Niayesh, EMAI student specializing in cybersecurity  

‘I hope to gain a deep understanding of the principles of AI and cybersecurity and their applications, as well as to acquire more practical skills by participating in projects first-hand. I am also drawn to the programme’s international environment, which will expose me to new perspectives and allow me to build a global network of future AI professionals, researchers and colleagues.’