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December Informative Webinar

Join Our Informative Webinar on the 19th of December


Imatge inicial

Do not miss out on our exclusive webinar, where we will explain the details of the EMAI programme. This is the opportunity to gain insights and understand how this master’s programme will make you an AI expert.


Date: Tuesday, 19th of December 2023

Time: 15.00 CET

Location: Online – Register here

Presentation: PDF available here


Why Attend?

1. Comprehensive Overview: Get a detailed breakdown of the EMAI programme and its mobility opportunities.

2. Meet the professors: Interact with the EMAI Coordinator as well as with the Local Coordinators, who will explain the experience in each institution, giving you a taste of the different specialisations.

3. Q&A Session: Take advantage of our live Q&A session to get answers directly from the professors.




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