The Master Degrees in which the Department of Economics & Business takes part are organized around two paths: 

        (1) The PhD Path that aims to train students for careers in either academia or the business and government world. This involves the Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance: PhD Track (Year 1) the Master of Research (Year 2) and the Doctoral stage (Years 3-5).

        (2) The Master Path. These are master degrees that are more applied in nature and less oriented toward careers in academia, involving the Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance: Economics Program, Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance: Finance Program, and the Masters of Science in Management, International BusinessFinance and Banking and Marketing.


Master programmes are offered in collaboration with the Barcelona School of Economics and the UPF Barcelona School of Management. Every year, students enrolling in the master programmes create a truly international atmosphere with about 90% of students from abroad.