Name Dissertation Supervisor Date Completed Placement
Obiols, Francesc "Two Essays on Aggregate Fluctuations" Prof. Albert Marcet November 1996 UAB
Oç, Burak "The Dynamic Interplay Between Followers and Leaders" Prof. F. Canova and G. Cornelissen May 2014 Bocconi University
Odendahl, Florens "Essays in Economic Forecasting" Prof. Barbara Rossi October, 2018 Banque de France
Ohanyan, Narek  "Essays in Monetary Economics"  Prof. Vladimir Asriyan and Prof. Edouard Schaak June, 2023   American University of Armenia
Oliva Armengol, M. Àngels "Modelling Multinational's Strategies: Direct Investment, Trade and Takeovers" Prof. Luis Rivera-Batiz April 1997  
Ordeñana, Xavier "Essays on Emerging Markets" Prof. Jaume Ventura November, 2015 ESPOL
Ormeño, Arturo "Essays on Inflation Expectations, Heterogeneous Agents, and the Use of Approximated Solutions in the Estimation of DGSE Models" Prof. Fabio Canova September, 2011 University of Amsterdam
Ou, Shengliang "Essays on Macroeconomic Policy and Business Cycles" Prof. Davide Debortoli and Prof. Jordi Galí July, 2019 The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Pagà, Roger "Money, Rituals, and Self-Control: Essays on Consumer Behaviour" Prof. Manel Baucells and Prof. Gert Cornelissen November, 2016 Barcelona School of Management
Palacios, Xavier "Adoption and Discontinuance of Innovations" Prof. Nick Longford and Prof. Michael Greenacre October, 2011 Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile)
Palomeras, Neus "Intellectual Property and Markets for Technology" Prof. Bruno Cassiman, IESE June, 2004 Universidad Carlos III
Pandolfi, Lorenzo "Essays in Financial Economics" Prof. X. Freixas January 2018 CSEF - Università di Napoli Federico II
Pappa, Paraskevi "Essays on Monetary Economics " Prof. Jordi Galí November 2001 UAB
Parrondo, Luz "Relationship Between Earnings Management and Corporate Strategies: Social Responsibility and Enterprise Risk Management"

Prof. Oriol Amat

Prof. Javier Gómez Biscarri

April 2016 UPF-Barcelona School of Management
Pavoni, Nicola "Three Essays on Dynamic Contracts with Applications to the Labour Market" Prof. Antoni Cabrales October 2000 University College London
Pellisé, Laura "Regulating Managed Competition in the Spanish Health Care Market. Capitation and Risk Selection in Muface" Prof. Guillem Lopez January 1996 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Perdomo, Álvaro "Essays in Experimental Economics: Some Macroeconomic Issues" Prof. Rosemarie Nagel February 2017 Departamento Nacional de Planeación (Colombia)
Pereira Garmendia, Diego Walter "Essays on Inflation, Real Stock Prices, and Extreme Macroeconomic Events" Prof. Hans Joachim Voth September, 2011 JPMorgan-Chase, NYC
Pérez Forero, Fernando José "Essays in Structural Macroeconometrics" Prof. Kristoffer Nimark (UPF) and Prof. Fabio Canova (EUI) June, 2013 Banco Central de Perú
Pescatori, Andrea "Essays on Monetary and Fiscal Policy" Prof. Jordi Galí December, 2006 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Petrella, Andrea "Essays on Firm Behavior and Productivity" Prof. Vasco Carvalho November, 2017 Banca d'Italia
Petriconi, Silvio "Essays on Information and Competition in Banking and Service Industries" Prof. Ventura and Prof. Carvalho September 2014 Bocconi University
Pica, Giovanni "Openness, Labor Market Institutions and Growth" Prof. José Vicente Rodríguez Mora, UPF January, 2004 University of Salerno
Pina, Gonçalo "Essays in International Finance" Prof. Jaume Ventura January 2013 Santa Clara University
Pina, Joaquim "Essays on Monetary Policy in VARs" Prof. Fabio Canova and Prof. V. Ríos-Rull January 2001 Bank of Portugal
Pinotti, Paolo "The Costs and Benefits of Public Intervention: Micro and Macro Evidence" Prof. Antonio Ciccone June, 2009 Banca d'Italia
Pirc, Mitja "Determinants, Contexts and Measurement of Customer Loyalty" Prof. Robin Hogarth and Prof. Antonio Ladrón November, 2008 AT Kearney
Pitschner, Stefan "Three Essays in Macroeconomics and Finance" Prof. Kristoffer Nimark September, 2016 University of Uppsala
Platikanova, Petya "Essays on the Value of Accounting Disclosure on Capital Markets" Prof. Ester Oliveras March, 2010 ESADE
Ponticelli, Jacopo "Essays on Finance and Development" Prof. Nicola Gennaioli June, 2013 University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Potlogea, Andrei "Essays on International Trade and Economic Geography" Prof. Giacomo Ponzetto and Prof. Vasco Carvalho July 2016 University of Edinburgh
Pozo, Jorge "Bank Risk-Taking, Small Open Economy and Macroprudential Policy" Prof. Andrea Caggese and Prof. Luca Fornaro December 2019 Banco Central del Perú
Profeta, Paola "The Political Economy of Retirement and Social Security " Prof. Xavier Sala-i-Martin October 2000 Bocconi University
Ptashkina, Maria "Essays on Trade Agreements" Prof. Manuel G. Santana and Prof. Juame Ventura June, 2023 Princeton University (PostDoc) / Melbourne University
Puerta, Juan Manuel "Essays on the Economic History of the Family" Prof. Hans-Joachim Voth June, 2011 Inter-American Development Bank (Washington)
Puig Pomés, David "Essays on Behavioral Economics" Prof. Jose Apesteguia and Prof. Larbi Alaoui April, 2023 Universidad de Navarra
Puig, Jordi "Demand Analysis of Non-Durable Goods. Relaxing Separability Assumptions" Prof. J.M. Labeaga September, 1998 ESCI and UPF