Name Dissertation Supervisor Date Completed Placement
Maattanen, Niku "Housing and the Macroeconomy" Prof. Michael Reiter January, 2004 The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy
Maertens, Ricardo "Essays in Development, Environmental, and Health Economics" Prof. Antonio Ciccone July, 2017 Harvard University (PostDoc)
Maliar, Lilia "Quantitative Effects of Heterogeneity in Dynamic Macroeconomics" Prof. Morten Ravn September 1999 Universitat d'Alacant
Maliar, Serguei "Heterogeneity and the Representative Agent in Macroeconomics" Prof. Morten Ravn September 1999 Universitat d'Alacant
Manea, Cristina "Essays in Macroeconomics" Prof. Jordi Galí and Prof. Alberto Martin April 2020 Deutsche Bundesbank (Starting September 2020)
Manini, Raffaele "Essays on Board of Directors Composition

and Firm Outcomes"

Prof. Oriol Amat and Prof. Javier Gómez Biscarri January 2023 Warwick Business School
Mantovani, Cristiano "Essays in Macroeconomics and Economic Geography" Prof. Isaac Baley, Prof. Jan Eeckhout and Prof. Edouard Shaal June, 2023 Princeton University (PostDoc) / Melbourne University
Maras, Marta "Experiments on Financial and Donation Behaviour: Decision-Making Processes" Prof. Robin Hogarth September 2012 Bocconi University
Martín Vilató, Zoel "Essays on Macroeconomics and Textual Analyisis" Prof. Edouard Schaal and Prof, Victoria Vanasco July 2023 CaixaBank Research
Martinez Carrasco, Miguel Angel "Essays in Organizational Economics" Prof. Jan Eeckhout and Prof. Stephen Hansen June 2015 Universidad de Piura
Mateos Planas, Francesc C. "Education and Life Expectancy in Economic Development " Prof. Ramon Marimon December 1997 University of Southampton
Matranga, Andrea "Three Essays on the Economics of Nomads and Settlers" Prof. Hans Joachim Voth September 2017 New School of Economics
Mauersberger, Felix "Thompson Sampling and Noisy Decision-Making" Prof. Rosemarie Nagel June, 2018 University of Bonn
Mele, Antonio "Repeated Moral Hazard and Recursive Lagrangeans: Theory and Applications" Prof. Albert Marcet July, 2009 Nuffield College - Oxford University (Starting September, 2009)
Melero, Eduardo "Careers, Human Capital and Managerial Styles " Prof. Eduardo Rodes & Prof. Maia Güell January 2005 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Meller, Marian "Essays on Education, Gender, and Child Health in Developing Countries" Prof. Marta Reynal and Stephan Litschig July, 2011  
Mendonça, Elcio "Uncertainty, Integration and Supply Flexibility" Prof. Cristina Gimenez March 2008 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Menicucci, Domenico "Some Developments on Mechanism Design and Auctions" Prof. Antonio Cabrales March 2001 Universita degli Studi di Firenze
Menner, Martin "On the Propagation and Identification of Monetary Policy Shocks" Prof. Hugo Rodríguez February 2005 Universitat d'Alacant
Merino Castillo, Ana "The Demand for Pharmaceutical Drugs under the New Regulatory Framework: a Theoretical and Empirical Approach" Prof. Jaume Puig October, 2003 Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament d'Economia i Finances
Messner, Mathias (EDP) "Essays in Game Theory" Prof. Antonio Cabrales March 2002 Bocconi University
Milán, Pau "The Social Economics of Networks and Learning" Prof. Jan Eeckhout June 2016 UAB
Mladjan, Mrdjan "The Economic Consequences of Bank Failures during the Great Depression" Prof. Joachim Voth May 2013 EBS Business School
Molinari, Benedetto "Sticky Information and Non-Pricing Policies in DSGE Models" Prof. Albert Marcet September, 2008 Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Molnar, Krisztina "Essays on Monetary Policy and Learning" Prof. Albert Marcet June 2006 Norwegian School of Economics
Montoriol Garriga, Judit "Relationship Lending and Small Business Finance: Empirical Analysis of Cost of Capital, Credit Rationing and Firm Performance" Prof. Vicente Cuñat November 2006 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Morazzoni, Marta "Essays in Macroeconomics and Agents’ Heterogeneity" Prof. Isaac Baley and Prof. Edouard Schaal June 2023 University College London
Morron, Adrià "Unemployment in Local Labor Markets: Empirics and Theory" Prof. Jan Eeckhou May, 2017 CaixaBank
Müller-Trede, Johannes "Advisors and Groups: Essays in Social Decision Making" Prof. Robin Hogarth May, 2012 University of California, San Diego (Rady School of Business)
Muñoz, Fernando "The Economics of Labour Contracting through Temporary Help Agencies" Prof. Eduard Rodés September 2000 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Nakov, Anton "Essays on the Liquidity Trap, Oil Shocks and the Great Moderation" Prof. Jordi Galí November, 2007 Bank of Spain
Neri, Stefano "Structural VARs and DSGE Models: Applications to Macroeconomics" Prof. Fabio Canova, LSE and Bocconi University September, 2003 Bank of Italy
Nicolini, Esteban "Demographic Change and Economic Growth on the Eve of the Industrial Revolution" Prof. Albrecht Ritschl July 2000 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Nieddu, Marco "Essays in Applied Microeconomics and Behavioral Finance" Prof. Albrecht Glitz November 2018 CRENoS
Nunes, Ricardo "Expectations and Macroeconomics: Learning and Loose Commitment" Prof. Albert Marcet July 2007 Federal Reserve Board (Washington)
Nupia, Oscar "Essays on Political and Public Economics" Prof. Antonio Cabrales June 2007 Universidad de los Andes