“'Exceeding great enemies': Jesuit missionaries, English merchants and Mughal diplomatic intrigues”

IV Seminario de Investigación Internacional ArtEmpire: Empire & Transculturality,

Universidad Pablo Olavide, Seville

3 October 2018.


“English Perceptions of Mughal Civility at Jahangir’s Court” 

Society for Renaissance Studies 8th Biennial Conference

Sheffield, United Kingdom 

3 July 2018.


‘Writing on Mogor: The Afterlives of the Jesuits' Accounts on Mughal India, 1580–1650’

The 64th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America,

New Orleans, Germany 

22-24 March 2018.



‘“A continuous movement of disorder”: the rise of Bombay and the Hindu communities of the Estado da Índia’ 

Anglo-Iberian Relations Conference 2017 

Zafra, Spain 

19-21 October 2017.


‘A Brief History of Failed Intentions: the short-lived experiences of joint-stock companies in the Portuguese colonial empire’ 

The Corporation as a Protagonist in Global History Workshop 


7 July 2017.


Title: Respect and Superiority: The ceremonial rules of Goan diplomacy, 1707-1750

Conference: Formal and Informal Empire: Portuguese relations with the non-European world

Organization: King's College, London

Location: London

Date: 13 January 2012.


Title: The Sagoate: diplomacy and gift exchange in eigtheenth-century Estado da Índia

Conference: XIII International Seminar on Indo-Portuguese History: The Mediterranean as a Pathway to India (Skills, Memory, Imagination, Networks)

Organization: Université de Provence, Aix-en-Provence

Location: Aix-en-Provence

Date: 23-27 March 2010